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I offered you my house I got access to tickets before other people, Ellard explained. billet people. It was quite an elaborate system and it took a lot of effort. There was probably some level of risk for sure. that risk paid off, as Ellard explained they had more people offering up their homes to family, friends and even strangers than people were taking.

showed that you can make significant dollars and the dollar numbers are just going up. The communities, Miu Miu Wallet Price not just the teams, but the communities see the significant economic impact, he said.

more than anything, the pride of the people in Saskatchewan, specifically Regina, people said, know what? This is crap that we can do things. We can do anything we put our minds to. McKechney there no reason why the 2013 Grey Cup won continue to meet and go above all expectations, just as the two previous events have.

He called the event a lot slicker; most of the kinks from the previous Grey Cup worked out.

Miu Miu Wallet Price

I haven seen in years, he said.

The 2013 committee says there will be no formal billet program this year since there are roughly about 1,000 more hotel rooms than there were in 2003. As well, social media is making it much easier to connect fans with available rooms now than it has in the past.

McKechney, who originally from Saskatoon but now lives in Toronto, has his tickets for this year and outlined how he always come back for the CFL biggest game.

Regina hosts the 101st Grey Cup on November 24 in what is themed a "Celebration in Rider Nation." Almost 20 years ago the city was hosting the game for the first time and the importance of that event hasn waned over the years.

Miu Miu Wallet Price

The year was 1995. Simpson murder trial. Canadians turned their attention to the upcoming Grey Cup. It was a game remembered for being windy and cold. It was also the only time in history an American based team Baltimore Stallions the CFL championship.

Because the city had never held anything like it before the table seemed stacked against the committee bid to secure the event.

He described the game itself from that year which the Stallions defeated the Calgary Stampeders freezing cold. The temperature for him was much more ideal in 2003. Gucci Handbags

Miu Miu Wallet Price

Miu Miu Wallet Price

There is little doubt next month Grey Cup game, the third to be hosted in Regina, will be an overwhelming success; that wasn always the case, however, for the small Saskatchewan city.

wouldn say it was an automatic we were going to get the Grey Cup but we have to jump up on somebody desk and start shouting profanities to have lost it, said Marty Klyne, president of the 2003 event. were simply riding on what they done in We knew we needed that so we tried to make it better. Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Montreal Alouettes in Klyne recalls the event being heralded by many as, best ever CFL Grey Cup party."

McKechney has had the full experience, staying with friends and with strangers in the past. This year it be with family.

said we couldn do it, said Bob Ellard, who was part of the bid committee that brought the event to the Queen City. He also served as volunteer president of the event. Ellard explained how the team and the CFL were both much different from their current state.

While all celebrations were going on it was the volunteers behind the scenes that helped make that event a financial success.

paNOW Staff

But perhaps what it best remembered for is how the city surprised critics who doubted Saskatchewan could pull the festivities off so successfully.

Miu Miu Wallet Price

Miu Miu Wallet Price

is home is home. I bleed green and when I get to go back to Regina for a Grey Cup it about renewing friendships with people Gucci Handbag With Red And Green Stripe

Miu Miu Wallet Price

Miu Miu Wallet Price

Miu Miu Wallet Price

That success carried over to 2003.

team was ok. As we have for 100 years we been up and down and sideways, but we were getting by in The league was, I would say, in turmoil, he said.

necessity; a unique billet system had to be created to address the lack of hotel rooms.

Ellard explained the success of the previous events showed Canada that Saskatchewan can come together and not only put on an event, but put it on better than anyone else. He said other cities took notice of that.

we got the bid we said it sort of like trying to lasso a bear. Once you do you say, crap what have I got? Now I have to deal with this. theme of the event was, Up in Saskatchewan." That was out of Gucci Bag Chain

´╗┐Regina makes first Grey Cup hosting unexpected success

was a real party atmosphere around Regina and Saskatchewan was showing the rest of the country what it was about, he said.

By Kevin Martel

you don try you never get it right. key component was the fact the premier at the time, Roy Romanow, backed the bid. Ellard recalled Romanow stating he would make sure the money was there for it to happen. That enabled the committee to push forward, addressing real concerns like the lack of hotel rooms and stadium capacity.

you read the requirements to submit a bid, we failed on everything. We had to have a stadium with 50,000 seats. Well, we didn We had to have 3,500 or 3,700 class hotel rooms. Well, we didn Ellard detailed.

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Fan Rob McKechney agrees. He was at both the and games, recalling the event as a particularly special time.

Temporary stands were brought in to push the capacity of what was then called Taylor Field to over 50,000. Despite the evening strong wind and a concern that those seats would be forced to remain vacant for safety reasons, the gusts died down enough so that fans could sit and enjoy the game.

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