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Stevens had their bodies dug up shortly after they died James in 1999, June in 2009 because she couldn't bear not being able to see them again. She kept her husband Gucci Bag Embroidered

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

up there in the cold box, which makes me shiver. He says, 'They're all right, Jean, you don't have to worry about them.'"

few days before Christmas, "and I always will."

´╗┐hopes for possible reunion with corpses of husband

The mausoleum is large enough to hold as many as eight bodies. Stevens said she'd like to transfer the remains of several loved ones to the crypt, including those of her long deceased mother and father.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

The coroner, she said, "has them Gucci Wallet Men Black

But it's Stevens who may get the last laugh.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

"I want to get Jimmy and June back to her just as soon as I possibly can," he said.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

Stevens plans to place her husband and sister in body bags with clear panels, so she can see their faces.

on a couch in the garage, and her sister in a spare room off the bedroom, where "I could touch her and look at her and talk to her," Stevens told AP last summer.

"Death is very hard for me to take," she added then.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

Stevens' tale touched a chord. She estimates she received about 70 letters from around the world, most of them expressing well wishes and sympathy. She's written back to some. One of her new pen pals mailed a Christmas package with fruitcake, mints, and a holiday tin stuffed with Chex mix. "Dearest Jean," wrote her correspondent, "you've sent us a Christmas treasure, your letter!"

Coroner Tom Carman said he plans to release them once it's completed.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

WYALUSING, Pa. It looks like Jean Stevens will be reunited with the two people she loved so much that she wanted them to keep her company after they died.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

Workmen at Stevens' Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price rural property outside the northern Pennsylvania town of Wyalusing have been busy the past few months, erecting a gabled building with grey siding and a white door. It resembles an oversized shed, or a smaller version of Stevens' detached garage.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

"I think about them all the time," Stevens told The Associated Press a Gucci Belt Khaki

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

Stevens also knows that some people think she's strange. She laughs heartily as she leafs through a pair of supermarket tabloids that had blared her story. She says Jay Leno once cracked a joke about her.

In reality, it's a mausoleum that Stevens intends as the final resting place of her husband of nearly 60 years, James Stevens, and her twin, June Stevens.

Carman has struck up an unusual friendship with Stevens. He's spent hours listening to her talk, mainly about the past. "She's a wonderful lady," he said.

Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Price

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