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I very happy with the way the song has been picturised. She is one of the new generation actresses, good looking and a big star now. She is one of my favourite actresses.

I never thought that I would come to Mumbai to pursue my career in music. I went to Indian Idol auditions because I was bored of Shakespeare, sonnets etc and I needed some adventure in life. To my surprise, I got selected and everything changed.

So how has been your journey from Indian Idol to Rajneeti to R

So I tried to keep the energy levels high. The song came out really well and everyone liked it.

Eventually I shifted and started looking for a job. We were getting shows because of Indian Idol, which made my life easy here. One day, I met Pritamda and he started calling me for dummy scratches.

I have got a good response from the music fraternity. When they praise me, it rewarding. A few days ago, I performed in Gucci Belt Original

a college in West Bengal. The opening song was Saree ke Miu Miu Optical fall sa. The crowd went ballistic.

It was a rocking event. Recently a flight to Gucci Handbags Crossbody

Miu Miu Optical

Miu Miu Optical

Miu Miu Optical

She has such songs like Bheegi si bhaagi si (Rajneeti) Kuke kuke (Life Partner), Sun soniye (Ajab Gazabb Love), Tera mera pyar (Action Replay), All the best (All Gucci Dionysus With Patches

Kolkata was delayed so I went to the lounge for a cup of coffee. Pritamda told me to go as rustic as possible. I didn know whether I would do justice to this song but people have appreciated it.

'It was really nice to sing Saree ke fall for Sonakshi'

Pritamda gives his singers freedom to explore. The song was recorded within half an hour. I sang it and forgot about it.

Miu Miu Optical

When I met Prabhu Dheva Sir, he told me it suited Sonakshi voice amazingly.

Miu Miu Optical

The song has become quite popular in a short period. What kind of response have you got from the industry?

I didn't know anything about mike singing; it only because of Pritamda that I can sing on the studio mike. It a different ball game altogether because it needs a lot of wisdom to sing on a studio mike.

Miu Miu Optical

Miu Miu Optical

Recently, when I heard the song I came to know that they have picked up my song for the film.

Miu Miu Optical

I was singing something else at the studio when Pritamda (Chakraborty, music composer) asked me to record this song as they needed it very urgently.

Though I was trained under my father, I learnt Carnatic music from Shobhana Mukherjee. It was a task to convince my dad to let me move to Mumbai.

The only brief I got was that the director was Prabhu Dheva, someone who likes to shoot his songs in a fun and colourful way.

The Best) to her credit.

Miu Miu Optical

Miu Miu Optical

How did Saree ka fall happen?

It means I can be versatile.

Miu Miu Optical

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