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This is actually brilliant calculated, political maneuver. It was intended to inflame loyal Democrats. They successfully provoked a DFL response that tends to confirm the "Carly Melin is anti gun" message they were trying to deliver. The more people are talking about guns, the better Gucci Belt Red Green Stripe

Hey Tony: Can you spell B A C K F I R E ?? Or

Martin predicted Melin would win in the longtime DFL district. Sutton acknowledged a Republican winning from Hibbing is going to be tough, but he wasn't ready to concede.

The DFL chair called on the GOP to "disavow this attack," meaning the flyer. (Jacobson has distanced himself from the mailer.)

But Sutton has no intention of doing that.

´╗┐Party heads Martin and Sutton verbally duel over gun campaign piece

In today's Duluth News Tribune, Gary Cerkvenik, a veteran DFL operative and Melin backer, linked the flyer to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords last month and blamed GOP state Chairman Tony Sutton.

Said Martin: "Our leadership in this country, on both sides of the aisle, called on everyone to tone down this rhetoric There's no place for this kind of rhetoric There are more important issues, jobs, education, [the state] budget deficit, which the Republican candidate and Republican Party should be focusing on. Instead they are turning to the nasty device of rhetoric that really should be toned down, given what happened in Tucson."

In an interview with MinnPost, Sutton said: "I think it's absolutely shameful and unconscionable that they would attempt to link this flyer which is obviously a hunter to anything more nefarious. That they try to link this to the tragedy in Arizona is unconscionable."

For his part, Martin, who is in his first week as DFL head, allowed that the gun issue is legitimate and the use of guns in ads or flyers is not necessarily prohibited.

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I particularly liked the "Liberal St Paul politicians" part. As if all of the Representatives came from here. And all are liberal.

Is this kind of rhetoric dangerous? Yes, it provokes people who are emotionally unstable. But you are never going to make a direct causal link between this kind of thing and someone getting shot. And the most ardent gun supporters are going to see this as the kind of overreaction they hear in any call for controls on guns.

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But "Take Your Best Shot"? Is there no danger in that?

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Sutton went on: "I think they [the DFL] should apologize for, instead of talking about the issues sporting issues, Second Amendment issues they're trying to obscure the fact that their candidate is out of touch with the people on the Range."

The open seat was held by Tony Sertich, who was recently appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton to the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.

Score one for cynical politics.

This is clearly another Republican diversion of attention to the real issues schtick, and a pretty ham handed one at that. In fact, it is so overdone it could have been written by the Onion. Let's just forget about all that job loss, housing insecurity, agricultural issue and land use that needs attention. Gucci Wallet Stripe

I couldn't figure this out, and that this was the most important issue in this special election. I really wonder if any true, dedicated hunter actually thinks that anyone is ever going to try to limit access to hunting equipment that is, real hunting equipment, not full auto .50 cal stuff.

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But, he said, "I can tell you that we will be a little bit more careful."

He called the gun issue on the Range "a classic wedge issue" and the mailer "really despicable." Martin said: "This kind of rhetoric creates an environment where our elected officials and our candidates have to worry about their own safety."

This afternoon at the Capitol, newly elected DFL state Chairman Ken Martin held a press briefing to echo Cerkvenik's words.

But I guess they know (or think that they do) who they are playing to. If I lived up on the Range, I'd be fairly offended by their assumption that Gucci Handbag Sale

So great job, Tony. Jacobson can distance himself from the producers of this stupid lit piece. But he can't distance himself from you since you're linked to the same party. Way to go! Handicap your candidate.

"There's opportunity," Sutton said. "We think we have a really good shot."

"We are a month away from this national tragedy and the whole gun and crosshairs debate, and this yahoo [meaning Sutton] puts this out?'' Cerkvenik is quoted as saying. "The whole country was saying we have to put an end to this kind of politics. But here he is basically saying take your best shot at Carly Melin. This is outrageous.''

from the Republican's point of view.

A war of words erupted today between the chairmen of the state DFL and Republican parties over a campaign piece, paid Miu Miu Nappa Leather Bag for by the Minnesota Republican Party, in the special election on the Iron Range.

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Keep it up Mr. Sutton. You're doing a fabulous job.

The open seat, a special election set for next Tuesday, is a three way contest with GOP candidate Paul Jacobson, DFLer Carly Melin and the Independence Party's Cynthia Kafut Hagen.

Said Sutton: "Absolutely not, that is ridiculous beyond belief. I'm sure the liberal chattering classes might want to believe that. But we're not going to stop talking about issues that are important to people in Minnesota, especially people on the Iron Range, for whom jobs and other issues are important, such as Second Amendment rights They're trying to silence our ability to talk to voters about hunting issues and gun rights. How low will they stoop?"

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