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Tom added; "The club invested in building the new Caterpillar Stand in 2009 to take Welford Road's capacity up to 24,000.

games away from HQ so fans can see them in other parts of the country, but that'll mean they go to Old Trafford, not Leicester.

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"It is home to the best supported and most successful club in the history of the professional game in this country and, as such, we believe is worthy of Rugby World Cup status."

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The King Power Stadium will now be central to Leicester's bid, backed by the city council, which will now be subject to further evaluation.

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"It is disappointing that this investment is not rewarded with World Cup status, while many other venues on the proposed list do not show that level of commitment to our sport."

I would class myself as a Rugby fan first and a Football fan second and i really don't care if either ground hosts a RWC match, because it's not going to be England or one of the giants who will be playing there, it'll be Japan, or Tonga, or maybe, if we're really lucky, Fiji there are apparently plans to have England playing group Gucci Clutch Bag Price

"A programme of development will continue to improve facilities and the matchday experience for players, supporters and corporate guests.

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´╗┐Leicester Tigers told 'your pitch is too small' after 2015 Rugby World Cup snub

Btw City are 2nd in the table and are playing some superb stuff at last, Tigers are 3rd and are just starting to come into some kind of form it's great being a LEICESTER fan!

I disagree with Oadbylad regards atmosphere, I've been to the Walkers Stadium to watch the Tigers everytime they've played there and found the atmosphere to be one of the best i've experienced in my 30 odd years of watching the Tigers, without wishing to insult those who wear Blue, I've also been to the Walkers on countless occasions to watch City, and the atmosphere hasn't been a patch on the Rugby, but then a midweek game V's Southampton, with 500 away supporters and a half full ground due to SKY coverage, doesn't have the same buzz as Miu Miu Zip Detailed Leather Tote a sold out semi final.

"Together Gucci Bag Mens Black

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"Leicester Tigers wanted to be part of that.

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"That the organisers do not think this an appropriate venue for its fixtures is disappointing and confusing, both for the professional club game in this country and for its supporters.

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"Welford Road has hosted many, many major occasions over the years, including visits from South Africa, Australia and Argentina national teams in recent seasons.

The venue list will then be whittled down to 10 12 venues next spring.

Oadbylad LCFC fans have an opinion because they are probably wondering how many city games will have to be moved to accomodate Rugby,although we should be used to it by now, and Yazoo your comments just confirm the opinion that most city fans have about Tiger fans. Yeah the King Power stadium might by souless and dull but hey its been chosen ahead of the the Tin Shack the egg chasers play in and whilst you refer to the low standards of football fans Clearly the RFU expect better standards for their fans so have not shortlisted Welford Road but a football stadium instead. The King Power has bars they may not be decent but they serve beer, what more do you want, arent you are there to watch a game not get Pd?Which i fully agree with

The smallest criteria is 95x68m yet Welford Road's pitch is only 91m long.

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Miu Miu Zip Detailed Leather Tote

The chief operating officer of ER 2015, the organisers, Ross Young said there are a number of minimum criteria when choosing potential venues, including standards of media and hospitality facilities, but one of them is consistency of pitch size.

"When the International Rugby Board awarded the Rugby World Cup to the country that gave this sport to the world we saw this as an opportunity to celebrate the international game and also the professional club game here.

Oadbylad is spot on, although not very diplomatic neither set of fans will be given a voice in regards to this matter. Whether Tigers are chosen to host a game or not is not something the fans will influence. As someone who follows both sides I must say that I don't care either way to be honest. It's the Rugby World Cup, not a Tigers game, therefore I feel no over riding loyalty to Tigers in this case. It might be the size of pitch, it might be the higher capacity at the Walkers Stadium, or it might be the fact that the organisers want the camera's to pan back to see large stadia, who knows, all we do know is that the decision is going to be made without talking to the fans of either club, so why bother chucking insults?

Maybe it's just me, but isn't the constant squabbling between Tigers and City fans just a teeny bit childish? Not all Rugby fans are upper class twits, in fact, if you knew anything about Rugby you'd know that most Rugby fans are not upper class twits, in just the same way that not all Football fans are moronic thugs intent on punching someone for doing no more than wearing a different coloured shirt.

Cant under stand why football supporters should even have an opinion on this subject as ultimately is as nothing to do with them

"But Leicester is a headlight of rugby and so there is still a good chance that World Cup rugby will be coming to the city."

city's proud sporting heritage and the passion of its people, it should combine to make Leicester's bid an extremely strong one."

"Teams want to play on the same size of pitches in all of their pool games," he said.

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