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I a fairly straightforward photographer in that sense. I try to find things that I find interesting and capture them in a straightforward way.

´╗┐Kristopher Stallworth shares his life

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long exposure, remote control flashes.

man in the courtyard, whose story was introduced and expanded upon in the first two chapters of the "story." Stallworth surrounds him in light in a digital C print (chromogenic), Gucci Belt For Men

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The bold image has a dreamy quality, something Stallworth intended to convey.

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produced when the photographer created light trails with LEDs, "painting" the image using long exposure.

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I think there something about the literal representation. Capturing something that happened in front of the camera that way. Something that is more familiar than in painting, which can be much more abstract.

was your process on this piece?

After a brief exploration of drawing and painting, Stallworth focused on photography as a teen and stayed on track, earning his bachelor in photography from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and his master of fine arts from the University of Memphis.

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Specifically with this piece, I wanted to do this in camera Gucci Fanny Pack For Men

The 36 year old assistant art professor at Bakersfield College offers another look at the mysterious Gucci Bag Black

"The biggest challenge for me was deciding how to continue the story and how far to push it along. I was pretty early in the process and wanted to make sure to leave it open enough for the other artist while putting my own stamp on it as well."

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My series "Everywhere/Nowhere." I looked at the generic places that surround us regardless of where we live. Shopping mall parking lots, the back of strip malls, big box retail stores .

Stallworth stamp is unique as his style developed from his formative years living in Europe.

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hard is it to find a place to show your work publicly?

It can be a challenge locally, but there are more opportunities now than Miu Miu Bow Tote when I came to Bakersfield eight years ago. . I open to showing work at any local galleries.

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I wanted to create a single photograph without digital manipulation. I made a 10 to 20 second long exposure and painted with LED lights to create light trails. I used an off camera flash triggered by remote control to illuminate the figure.

"I do think experiencing two cultures at a young age influenced me. In the series I was reacting to the homogenized American landscape, which was quite different from what I experienced growing up. I also think growing up in Austria, art and cultural events were more valued than in American schools."

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