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"You are safe anywhere you come downtown. The men and women of the Central Business District patrol this area down here. It is a safe and secure area to be," said Janke.

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Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

As a result of missing two full pay cycles, the off duty officers who handle security details outside the casino are becoming reluctant to sign up for work.

If the extra officers don't sign up to work at the casino Janke says the police department won't "backfill" the staffing levels.

casino and at its entrances.

A 9 On Your Side source who didn't want to give his name said that including himself, 19 officers and sergeants have gone unpaid since the casino opened. A ranking Cincinnati police officer confirmed it.

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

She says that even without the extra officers guests at the casino will still be safe.

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Kathy Harrell, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, told 9 On Your Side that she has heard complaints from officers about the matter.

"It has been five weeks. The majority of our cops that have worked that detail have not been paid. Some are owed pretty nice checks," said Janke.

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Janke told 9 On Your Side that she has brought the issue to the casino's attention and was told that it was an accounting issue.

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Horseshoe Cincinnati is aware of an issue which has caused a recent delay in payments to some of our vendors, including some off duty Cincinnati Police Department officers. We have been working to address the situation and expect resolution and payments to be made early next week. CPD has been and continues to be an important partner with Horseshoe Cincinnati and we Gucci Backpack Red

done. One officer has been paid for two out of the six shifts he's worked. Another has been paid for one out of four.

Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses

Some officers have been paid in part but not fully compensated for the work they've Gucci Handbags Replica High Quality

"Yes, that is true. They're not signing up," said Capt. Kim Janke of the Cincinnati Police Department.

Janke is commander of the Central Business District. Her office oversees event planning and the coordination of officers Miu Miu Ombre Sunglasses looking to work outside of their regular duty at the casino.

Jennifer Kulczycki, Communications Director for Rock Gaming LLC, released the following statement Friday afternoon:

CINCINNATI After raking in $21 million in adjusted gross revenue in its first month of operation, Cincinnati's Horseshoe Casino has yet to pay at least 20 of the Cincinnati police officers who've worked at the casino to help keep patrons safe.

apologize for this unexpected delay.

´╗┐Officers at Horseshoe Casino go unpaid

The officers are supposed to be paid every two weeks for the work they perform outside the Gucci Belt Gold Gg

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