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Those magnet schools soon had up to five year waiting lists while the four original minority magnet schools had no waiting list and in fact needed white students. Some minority parents marked on their children applications just to make them eligible for the programs.

That year, the Justice Department and BCSD settled on a saying the district should create a busing program to attract students to one of eight district schools. And the four minority schools became magnet schools.

June, 30, 1990: A 1990 order requires students be pulled out of their home schools and transported to a gifted and talented Gucci Dionysus Floral

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

Jan. 12: 1978: A judge finds BCSD in violation of the Civil Rights Act in assignment the mentally handicapped program; and the bilingual Gucci Belt For Women

The district also established several other programs including a bilingual education program, a transfer program to encourage parents to enroll their kids in other schools and a district staff training program.

June 28, 2010: BCSD files its final report. In it, BCSD says it has and in good faith implemented the plans, programs and policies called for by the decree and the modifying orders. 28, 2010: A joint motion for dismissal is filed.

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Justice Department charges BCSD was busing students to keep white and black schools separate, a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

The department says BCSD must make sure each school student demographics reflect the rest of the district or minus 20 percent by the 1986 87 school year. For example, in 1984, Eissler Elementary white population was 82 percent while the district white population was 45 percent, which is not within 20 percent of district marks.

Magnet programs became more popular and better funded in white neighborhoods while minority schools languished, reports show. In the 1990s, Thorner and Chavez elementary schools were built in east Bakersfield as magnets to attract minority children. Those neighborhoods were expected to be predominantly white.

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

districtwide white population of 45 percent.

1994 95: A full time magnet program is opened at Chavez Elementary for the same reason as Thorner program.

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

Jan. 12: 2011: The case is dismissed. government said BCSD was purposely busing students to keep white and black schools separate, a violation of the Civil Rights Act. Department of Justice stepped in and sued the district for having imbalanced schools and to reduce segregation.

Each school received money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to fund after school programs to draw white children to minority neighborhoods.

Sept. 8, 1986: An 1986 order addresses concerns about BCSD bilingual education programs sometimes conflicting with efforts to reduce racial and ethnic isolation, provides for enrichment programs to be established at certain schools.

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

Feb. 19, 2010: The court orders BCSD to prepare and file a final report.

Chavez Principal Ruscel Reader said the school mirrors the community now its student body is 62 percent Hispanic, 23 percent white and about 6 percent African American and Asian.

Criticism of the magnet programs arose, as the Californian highlighted in 2004. The programs helped integrate a handful of the district 40 schools, but segregated others.

´╗┐Historic desegregation order against BCSD schools lifted

At issue were four predominately minority campuses Fremont, McKinley, Mount Vernon and Owens schools. In 1983 84, each campus was less than 8 percent white despite a Gucci Wallet For Men

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

program at Bessie Owens school, and that additional counselors be provided to magnet and open enrollment program students.

1986 87: BCSD is eligible to file for status and ask for termination of the case. But because the district does not meet its goals, it does not move for dismissal.

The court ordered the district to bus minority children to four predominantly white schools: Eissler, Harris, Hort and Nichols. The schools didn have magnet programs but were included to Miu Miu Eyewear Uk enhance desegregation.

1990 91: A full time magnet program is opened at Thorner Elementary intended to draw Hispanic and African American students to a new school in an attendance area with a high percentage of white students compared with districtwide averages. The district meets its goals and targets mandated by the Department of Justice. It can ask for dismissal but does not in order to continue getting federal funding to maintain programs.

education program. As a result, BCSD is ineligible for federal financial assistance until corrections are made. Court battles ensue, while BCSD tries to remedy programs.

The Justice Department expected BCSD to get in shape by 1986 but it failed to meet targets then and the case continued. But by 1992, the district had met all of the goals.

Now, some of those same magnet programs, which serve 1,500 students, are among the highest achieving in Kern County. Chavez, for example, ranks among the top 10 in the academic performance index for Kern schools.

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

At those eight schools, racial proportions shifted at least for a bit.

a great learning environment, Reader said. helps the student live in this world this world is diverse. GOALS, FUNDING

Jan. 25, 1984: The Justice Department sues BCSD, requiring various programs to reduce racial, ethnic isolation in the district specifically at Fremont, McKinley, Mount Vernon and Owens schools were identified as imbalanced. It also asks the district to establish voluntary programs and opportunities to reduce segregation, including magnet and transfer programs.

Miu Miu Eyewear Uk

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