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The Phoenix is an excellent facility and I use it on a regular basis. However, it seems to me that it has been a victim of bad planning and decision making since it's inception.

Good to see at long last the Council are looking at removing yellow line restrictions current parking and access is terrible. I know it is probably allocated for future development but what about a temporary car park on the land in front onto St Geos Way which is currently hoarded off.

There's a distinct lack of joined up thinking in any big organisations, maybe why they need to hire so many external consultants, because everyone's so focused on keeping their little patch of ground that they never think about the bigger picture.

The business plan is expected to be finalised next week before it is considered by the council's cabinet on October 4.

"Joined up thinking", what? Millions of pounds of tax payers money to keep a failing art house cinema. This was a 21 million public attempt to Gucci Wallet Pink

That's right. The board may have continually shouted "It's a digital arts centre. Plus cinema." But the cinema is where the money comes in. Everything else is an off shoot of that commercial business. Glad to see they'll be promoting it alongside Curve, DMH and other cult quarter businesses. Anyone with a rudimentary grasp of marketing could see that was needed.

Miu Miu Bag Celebrity

3) Parking!?!?? Huge secure NCP car park 200 yards away, with discounted parking for Phoenix users. Plenty of other parking roundabouts. For heavens sake the Mercury building is down the road. It's hardly "downtown Mogadishu"!

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1) 16% is not that low even for multiplexes.

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The current management need to make the most of a terrible location and address the marketing and car Miu Miu Bag Celebrity parking situation.

A new management structure modelled on Leicester's Space Centre which will see the Phoenix Square Trust overseeing the trading or operational arm of the centre.

Miu Miu Bag Celebrity

´╗┐Phoenix Square's board go in new plan to revive Leicester digital arts centre

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Miu Miu Bag Celebrity

At a meeting arranged with Dave Stevens next week, I'm going to ask for this to be set up would invite anyone who's interested to add themselves to Phoenix Square's online database (hopefully) have their say !

Miu Miu Bag Celebrity

At the meeting, Councillor Rob Wann, cabinet member for culture, said council officers were already looking at getting rid of double yellow line restrictions in the area after 6pm and improving signs directing people to the Phoenix.

Miu Miu Bag Celebrity

A key weakness of the Phoenix Square is its location. Look at any thriving Independent cinema and they usually augment their income through a successful bar, cafe or restaurant. That's just not going to be possible with Gucci Dionysus Gg Supreme Super Mini Bag

There have been many comments made on this forum regarding both this and previous Mercury features, one commentator, The Auteur, suggested setting up a 'Friends of Phoenix Square' user group where people can have their say make suggestions to help make Phoenix Square work.

I also think that that part of town has a really bad feel about the place and Gucci Belt Ladies

kick start an arts and media quarter. We havent started to unmask the public disgrace and incompatence at work here. No one is getting off light just yet. 21 million pounds has been spent and there is an accounting yet to be done. Cinema? Keep it. Our city is worth more than that. Who screwed it up? To the tune of 21 million pounds? Council? Phoenix? Blueprint? Mercury start digging.

Another thing that would help is putting the a "Cinema" sign on the eastern side of the building that faces the ring road. The current sign might be big but it is too hidden and assumes you know what "Pheonix Square" is! Neither do I think calling it a "Digital Arts Centre" really helps with promoting a cinema to the wider public.

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most people wouldn't be comfortable with venturing past The Curve. Maybe when the recession is over and the derelict land and buildings around the Phoenix are all developed then it may be a different story but until then I think that they will struggle. Which is a shame.

Ted Cassidy, chairman of Leicester Arts Centre Ltd, said: "This is an opportunity to find fresh faces with experience of film and digital arts to offer their services. It's not about me not being able to continue, it's a personal choice."

There's thousands of cars passing on St Georges Way every single day but I'd guess that most of them don't know what the big green building is.

An aim of reaching 23 per cent cinema attendance, compared to the current 16 per cent (around 35 people) over the next four years.

It's great to see some decisions being made which will actually benefit Phoenix Square I await the new Business Plan with interest !

(I wonder what "infidel" is trying to imply there?)

Miu Miu Bag Celebrity

the current Phoenix Square location. You also need to factor in changes in the way people actually view world and Independent cinema releases. There has been a huge growth in online rental over the last five years and this has led to a decline in attendance for Independent releases at the cinema. Consequently, the only sort of model for an Arts Cinema that is tenable, would at a key city centre location, close to its potential target audience, so that its catering arm can benefit from all day business.

The Phoenix is great. Comfortable, cheaper than multiplexes, with better food and drink. If you don't like it don't go! Just stop whinging.

2) Again with the insults about the area from people who don't use the place, live in the area. I use the area all the time, never had any problems. Can't remember the last time I saw glass in Queen Street.

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